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a Los Angeles-born digital presence agency.

BILLIONMONSTERS is a squad of creatives and strategists with extensive background in Photography, Videography, Social Media Strategy & Management, and User-Generated Content (UGC).

 We are passionate about working alongside with our clients to solve business problems using creative solutions. We pride ourselves on having a multidisciplinary, collaborative, and flexible team that takes a top-down approach in creating digital content and strategies that keep your audience and visitors engaged.

We speak English, Spanish, Korean, Hebrew, and Southern twang.



BILLIONMONSTERS was founded by Alvin Kim (@alvinyjkim). Alvin began his strategy consulting career when he started getting heavily involved in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation ecosystem in 2015, winning numerous startup accelerators, intellectual property presentations and grants, and eventually being nominated as Innovation Fellow at the Stanford University Design School.

After many years of working with brands, agencies, influencers, strategists, and creative contractors, Alvin has become an advocate of earning the consumers' trust through superior digital presence using culturally-relevant content & strategies. 


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