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At BILLIONMONSTERS, we are looking for those who match our enthusiasm, work ethic, and passion. We believe that working in this industry should never feel like work, but rather, a passion project.

We understand that we are the frontline of the digital presence of our clients and sweat the details to ensure that we represent each client with utmost competence. Every team member's ideas are valued and we highly encourage pursuing goal-driven initiatives. Discover how you can dream big, execute bigger, and win with us.

Work remote and on-site

Business happens over lunch, coffee, and conference calls. We understand the importance of being physically present for work, but also value being able to work without interruption, remotely. Our office is located in Los Angeles.

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Pursue your own projects

As a boutique agency, we are constantly striving to disrupt the industry with innovative ideas. We evaluate new initiatives from each team member on a monthly basis and encourage him/her/them to take charge.

Be exposed to various clients

We boast a wide range of clients from various industries such as men's/women's fashion, technology, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, entertainment, fitness, and beauty. We would love to expose you to your industries of interest.


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